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Faculty of Mathematics


This page contains information for prospective project hosts, both in CMP (industrial hosts and Cambridge hosts outside the faculty of mathematics) and research in CMS. Projects submitted here will be made available for students to view in the Find a Project pages. Please note the following points:

  • CMP Projects are open to second and third year Cambridge undergraduates in the Faculty of Mathematics, and to Part III (masters degree) students. Hosts can specify what levels of student they are interested in taking on the project proposal form. Research in CMS projects are open to second and third year Cambridge undergraduates.
  • Projects within the university (either in CMS or in other departments/labs) may apply for support from the bursary fund. Bursary funding is generally not available to industrial hosts, although in unusual circumstances we may consider exceptions to this rule. (If you think there is a good reason why we should make an exception in your case, please contact directly.)
  • Projects do not need to be listed in order to be eligible for bursary funding. The majority of research in CMS projects come via students approaching potential supervisors directly.

Before submitting a project, please review the information below:

If this is your first time submitting a project, you may also want to look at our archive of past projects to get an idea of what a typical project proposal looks like.

The proposal form for projects taking place in 2019 will be posted here shortly.