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Faculty of Mathematics


Several one-year M.Phil. courses are run by institutions in the University of Cambridge within the subject area of mathematics, or which have significant mathematical content.

The Faculty of Mathematics offers one M.Phil. course:

M.Phil. in Computational Biology

Eleven-month course aimed at introducing students in the biological, mathematical and physical sciences to quantitative aspects of modern biology and medicine, including bioinformatics.  The course has been developed by the Cambridge Computational Biology Institute and is run by the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.

The Judge Business School offers the following M.Phil. courses, taught jointly by the Business School, the Faculty of Economics, and the Faculty of Mathematics:

M.Phil. in Finance

Nine-month programme run by Judge Business School. Provides research-led teaching for those aiming for a career in Finance, Financial Accounting, or Financial Engineering.

MPhil in Strategy, Marketing & Operations

Nine-month programme run by Judge Business School. Provides research training with a mathematical modelling focus for those aiming for an academic career in a business school.