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Tom Begley

Originally from

I grew up in Poole in the south of England.

Academic background

I studied for an Mmath at the University of Bath (2008-12) prior to joining the CCA in 2012, where I was mostly interested in functional analysis and PDE theory.

Areas of interest

I am currently interested in variational problems in geometry, formulated in the languages of geometric measure theory and geometric PDE. Most recently I have been working on mean curvature flow where I am particularly interested in singularity formation and the existence and regularity of weak solutions. I am also interested in minimal surfaces and the structure of their singularities. I am working under the joint supervision of Neshan Wickramasekera and Felix Schulze (UCL).

Outside of mathematics I like playing the piano, learning card tricks and cycling. I also love travelling, particularly to go hiking or skiing.

Further information

Personal website


T.Begley [at]