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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Analysis

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Below is a list of current CCA thesis topics. View alumni thesis topics.

Abraham, Kweku: Frequentist analysis of nonparametric Bayesian inference for stochastic differential equations
Supervisor: Professor R. Nickl, Statslab

Baldin, Nikolay: Sparse matrix logistic regression: statistical and computational issues
Supervisor: Dr Quentin Berthet, Statslab

Celsus, Andrew: Orthogonal Polynomials with Respect to Complex Valued Measures
Supervisor: Professor A. Iserles, DAMTP

Colbrook, Matthew: Models of Computability, the SCI hierarchy and Applications in Scientific Computation
Supervisor: Dr A. C. Hansen, DAMTP

Griffin-Pickering, Megan: Propagation of regularity for the spatially inhomogeneous Boltzmann equation with cutoff
Supervisor: Professor C. Mouhot, DPMMS

Hiesmayr, Fritz: The Allen--Cahn construction of minimal surfaces
Supervisor: Professor N. Wickramasekera

Kehle, Christoph: The wave equation on the interior of anti de Sitter black holes
Supervisor: Professor M. Dafermos, DPMMS

Kreusser, Lisa: Discrete and continuum modeling of biological network formation
Supervisor: Dr C. Schoenlieb, DAMTP and Professor P. Markowich

Kudryashova, Natalia: TBC
Supervisor: Dr P. Key, Microsoft Research Cambridge and Professor R.R. Weber, Statslab

Löffler, Matthias: Statistical inference in high-dimensional models
Supervisor: Professor R. Nickl, Statslab

Power, Sam: Computational Aspects of Modern Statistics
Supervisor: Dr S. Bacallado, Statslab

Riis, Erlend: Photoacoustic Tomography: Image Reconstruction and Super-Resolution Processing
Supervisor: Dr C. Schoenlieb, DAMTP

Sherry, Ferdia: Mathematical Image Processing and Machine Learning
Supervisor: Dr C. Schoenlieb, DAMTP

Thesing (nee Terhaar), Laura: Sampling theory and function approximation for inverse problems and learning
Supervisor: Dr A. C. Hansen, DAMTP

Tovey, Rob: Mathematical Challenges in Electron Microscopy
Supervisor: Dr C. Schoenlieb, DAMTP

Van De Moortel, Maxime: Stability of the Reissner-Nordstrom charged Black Hole interior for the Einstein-Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equations in spherical symmetry
Supervisor: Dr J. Luk, Stanford University

Wyczesany, Katarzyna: Almost Euclidean and well complemented subspaces of finite dimensional normed spaces
Supervisor: Professor Tim Gowers

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