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EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Analysis

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EPSRC logo

The EPSRC requires you to acknowledge their support in all your presentations, posters and papers. You should do this by including their logo on any work presented to an external (i.e. non-CCA) audience.

If it is not possible to use their logo for some reason, then please include the following statement:

This work was supported by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) grant xxx for the University of Cambridge Centre for Doctoral Training, the Cambridge Centre for Analysis.

Students who commenced their studies prior to October 2014 should use grant reference EP/H023348/1. Students who commenced their studies in October 2014 or later should use grant reference EP/L016516/1.

Download EPSRC logos from here. These logos are publicly available from the EPSRC and therefore should be considered as having Creative Commons copyright licences.

Download the CCA logo from here.

A template PowerPoint presentation is available from the Graduate Office.


The EPSRC also requires CCA to collect (and make accessible) information related to student publications, conference posters and talks that are funded by the EPSRC grant. This information is also crucial for obtaining future grant funding.

Please keep us up to date as you publish papers, speak at conferences or present posters.