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Maxime Van de Moortel

Academic background

After High-School, I studied for 3 years in  the French "Classe Préparatoires", at the Lycée Condorcet , an intensive training in Maths/Physics to prepare the competition to the "Grandes Ecoles", with an emphasis on pure Mathematics in my case  (2011-2013).

In 2013, I got into École Centrale Paris, one of the most prestigious "Grande École" where I got a BSc in Engineering in 2014 and a MSc in Engineering in 2016.

In parallel, I got a BSc (L3) in Pure Mathematics in 2014 from Université Paris-Sud in Paris and the 1st year of a MSc in Pure Mathematics (M1) in 2015 still from Université Paris-Sud in Paris.

Areas of interest

I am interested in Mathematics connected to the real world and I believe it can help us understanding the universe.

To that extent, I enjoy Mathematical Physics and connections between abstract theory and the physical world.

My major field of concern is Analysis, especially Partial Differential Equations.

I am currently particularly interested in PDE's and Differential Geometry linked with the theory of General Relativity.

Outside mathematics

I am fond of Drama and I write poetry from time to time. I also enjoy Literature, Cinema, hard Rock and Classical music.


I have been awarded  "Centrale Talents", an excellence award from École Centrale Paris in July 2015, based on exceptional academic merit.


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Further information

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