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Faculty of Mathematics



Hello! I am currently a research associate in DAMTP, supervised by Prof. Hamza Fauzi. 

I received my Bachelor of Science degree at UNC Chapel Hill. 

I received my Ph.D. degree in Algorithm, Combinatorics and Optimization from Georgia Tech. I was co-advised by Prof. Greg Blekherman and Prof. Santanu S. Dey. 


Research Interest

Convex and real algebraic geometry; polynomial, semidefinite and descrete optimization; applications to quantum physics.


Personal Info


Phone: 919-370-1057 (US), 01223-337904 (UK)

Office location: F1.20, Centre of Mathematical Sciences (CMS), University of Cambridge



G. Blekherman, S. Dey, S. Sun. Aggregations of quadratic inequalities and hyperplane hidden convexity. Accepted for publication in SIAM Journal of Optimization.

G. Blekherman, M, Kummer, R. Sanyal, K, Shu, S. Sun. Linear principal minor polynomials: hyperbolic determinantal inequalities and spectral containment. International Mathematics Research Notices, rnac291,

M. Farhadi, S. Gupta, S. Sun, P. Tetali, M. Wigal. Hardness and approximation of submodular minimum linear ordering problems. In revision.

G. Blekherman, S. Dey, K. Shu, S. Sun. Hyperbolic relaxation of k-locally positive semidefinite matrices. SIAM Journal of Optimization, 32:2 (2021), 470-490, doi: 10.1137/20M1387407

G. Blekherman, S. Dey, M. Molinaro, S. Sun. Sparse PSD approximation of the PSD cone. Mathematical Programming, 191 (2022), 981-1004, doi: 10.1007/s10107-020-01578-y

Research Group

Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information




01223 337904