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Faculty of Mathematics



  • 1997-2000 Wellcome Trust Fellow in Mathematical Biology, Edinburgh
  • 2000-2001 Lecturer, School of Informatics, Edinburgh
  • 2001-2004 Wellcome Trust Travelling Fellowship, St Louis and Edinburgh
  • 2004-2006 Lecturer, DAMTP
  • 2006-2015 Senior Lecturer, DAMTP
  • 2015- Reader. DAMTP


Stephen Eglen is a computational neuroscientist: he uses computational methods to study the development of the nervous system, using mostly the retina and other parts of the visual pathway as a model system. He is particularly interested in questions of structural and functional development:

Structural development: how do retinal neurons acquire their positional information within a circuit?

Functional development: what are the mechanisms by which neurons make contact with each other, to perform functioning circuits?

Selected Publications

Please see my publications page


From random to regular: Variation in the patterning of retinal mosaics*
PW Keeley, SJ Eglen, BE Reese
– J Comp Neurol
Open Code and Peer Review
S Eglen, E Lieungh
– Open Science Talk
Functional characterization of human pluripotent stem-derived cortical networks differentiated on laminin-521 substrate: comparison to rat cortical cultures
T Hyvärinen, A Hyysalo, FE Kapucu, L Aarnos, A Vinogradov, SJ Eglen, L Ylä-Outinen, S Narkilahti
– Scientific Reports
CODECHECK: An open-science initiative to facilitate sharing of computer programs and results presented in scientific publications
S Eglen, D Nüst
– Septentrio Conference Series
DeepClean - self-supervised artefact rejection for intensive care waveform data using generative deep learning.
T Edinburgh, P Smielewski, M Czosnyka, SJ Eglen, A Ercole
– CoRR
Burst detection methods
E Cotterill, SJ Eglen
– No journal
meaRtools: An R package for the analysis of neuronal networks recorded on microelectrode arrays.
S Gelfman, Q Wang, Y-F Lu, D Hall, CD Bostick, R Dhindsa, M Halvorsen, KM McSweeney, E Cotterill, T Edinburgh, MA Beaumont, WN Frankel, S Petrovski, AS Allen, MJ Boland, DB Goldstein, SJ Eglen
– PLoS Computational Biology
Scholarly Publishing, Freedom of Information and Academic Self-Determination: The UNAM-Elsevier Case
E Priego, E McKiernan, A Posada, R Hartley, N Rodríguez-ortega, D Fiormonte, A Gil, C Logan, JP Alperin, R Mounce, S Eglen, EM Trigueros, S Lawson, L Gatto, A Ramos, N Pérez
Toward standard practices for sharing computer code and programs in neuroscience
SJ Eglen, B Marwick, YO Halchenko, M Hanke, S Sufi, P Gleeson, RA Silver, AP Davison, L Lanyon, M Abrams, T Wachtler, DJ Willshaw, C Pouzat, J-B Poline
– Nature neuroscience
A molecular mechanism for the topographic alignment of convergent neural maps
E Savier, SJ Eglen, A Bathélémy, M Perraut, FW Pfrieger, G Lemke, M Reber
– eLife
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