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Faculty of Mathematics


Ms Rachel Furner


  • 2018-present: PhD student at DAMTP, partnered by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), supervised by Emily Shuckburgh at BAS and Peter Haynes at DAMTP
  • 2016-2018: Coordinator of the CCIMI and CMIH
  • 2008-2016: Coastal modelling scientist, UK Met Office
  • 2004-2007: BA Mathematics, University of Oxford


Rachel is part of the Dynamical Meteorology & Oceanography research group at DAMTP, and the Polar Oceans group at BAS. Her current research looks at novel modelling techniques for the physical ocean and ocean carbon cycle, with a focus on big data approaches, such as machine learning. One particular focus is on using statistical and machine learning methods to produce mroe computationally efficient analogues of physically based ocean models. Her past work involved process based modelling of the physical ocean, specifically the UK shelf seas.


An iterative data-driven emulator of an ocean general circulation model
R Furner, P Haynes, DI Jones, D Munday, B Paige, E Shuckburgh
A sensitivity analysis of a regression model of ocean temperature
R Furner, P Haynes, D Munday, B Paige, DC Jones, E Shuckburgh
– Environmental Data Science
Developing a data-driven ocean forecast system
R Furner, P Haynes, D Jones, D Munday, B Paige, E Shuckburgh
Developing a data-driven ocean model
R Furner, P Haynes, D Jones, D Munday, B Paige, E Shuckburgh
AMM15: a new high-resolution NEMO configuration for operational simulation of the European north-west shelf
JA Graham, E O'Dea, J Holt, J Polton, HT Hewitt, R Furner, K Guihou, A Brereton, A Arnold, S Wakeling, JMC Sanchez, CGM Adame
– Geoscientific Model Development
The CO5 configuration of the 7 km Atlantic Margin Model: large-scale biases and sensitivity to forcing, physics options and vertical resolution
E O'Dea, R Furner, S Wakelin, J Siddorn, J While, P Sykes, R King, J Holt, H Hewitt
– Geoscientific Model Development
Evaluating a new NEMO-based Persian/Arabian Gulf tidal operational model
P Hyder, J While, A Arnold, E O'Dea, R Furner, J Siddorn, M Martin, P Sykes
– Journal of Operational Oceanography
Forecasting the ocean state using NEMO:The new FOAM system
D Storkey, EW Blockley, R Furner, C Guiavarc'h, D Lea, MJ Martin, RM Barciela, A Hines, P Hyder, JR Siddorn
– Journal of Operational Oceanography
An operational ocean forecast system incorporating NEMO and SST data assimilation for the tidally driven European North-West shelf
EJ O'Dea, AK Arnold, KP Edwards, R Fumer, P Hyder, MJ Martin, JR Siddorn, D Storkey, J While, JT Holt, H Liu
– Journal of Operational Oceanography
An analytical stretching function that combines the best attributes of geopotential and terrain-following vertical coordinates
JR Siddorn, R Furner
– Ocean Modelling

Research Group

Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics




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