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Faculty of Mathematics


I am a PhD student in the Biological Physics and Mechanics group, supervised by Prof Eric Lauga. I am generally interested in fluid dynamical problems in microbiological contexts at various length scales, inside and outside the cell. My research comprises a range of problems in microswimmer dynamics and intracellular flows, including:

  • a load-dependent resistive-force theory for helical filaments;
  • hydrodynamic hovering of bacteria near rigid surfaces;
  • collective motion of bacteria in cylindrical confinement;
  • flows and transport inside the intracellular networks of actively pinching tubules which comprise the endoplasmic reticulum;
  • boundary-driven cytoplasmic streaming in elongated cells such as the Drosophila embryo.



Fluid mechanics of luminal transport in actively contracting endoplasmic reticulum
PH Htet, E Avezov, E Lauga
Cortex-driven cytoplasmic flows in elongated cells: fluid mechanics and application to nuclear transport in Drosophila embryos
PH Htet, E Lauga
– Journal of The Royal Society Interface

Research Group

Biological Physics and Mechanics