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Since the fall of 2020, I am a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Julia Wolf at the DPMMS in Cambridge. Before I came to Cambridge, I did my BSc. and MSc. in mathematics at the University of Hamburg. My interests lie in additive and extremal combinatorics.

Below is a list of my preprints and publications, and here is a link to my CV.


L. Versteegen. Strongly common graphs with odd girth are cycles.

M. Axenovich et al. A note on interval colourings of graphs.

L. Versteegen. The structure of large sum-free sets in F_p^n.

J. Portier and L. Versteegen. Progress towards the 1/2-Conjecture for the domination game.

L. Versteegen, A proof of the 3/5-conjecture in the domination game.

J. Portier, L. Versteegen A proof of the 3/4 conjecture for the total domination game

J. Petr, J. Portier, L. Versteegen, On the number of minimum dominating sets and total dominating sets in forests.

V. Souza, L. Versteegen, Improved bounds for the dimension of divisibility.


L. Versteegen, Linear configurations containing 4-term arithmetic progressions are uncommon, J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 200 (2023), p. 105792.

J. Petr, J. Portier, L. Versteegen, A note on Cops and Robbers, independence number, domination number and diameter, Discrete Mathematics 346(1), 2023.

J. Petr and J. Portier, L. Versteegen A faster algorithm for Cops and Robbers, Discrete Applied Mathematics 320, pp. 11-14, 2022.

L. Versteegen, Common and Sidorenko equations in Abelian groups, Journal of Combinatorics 14(1), pp. 53–67, 2023.


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