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I am the Professor of Astrostatistics and Data Science at the University of Cambridge. I hold this interdisciplinary faculty position jointly at the Statistical Laboratory of the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, and at the Institute of Astronomy. As of 2024, I am Past Chair of the Astrostatistics Interest Group of the American Statistical Association and a Turing Fellow Alumnus of The Alan Turing Institute. My research interests lie at the intersections of astrophysics, cosmology, statistics, and machine learning.

Research Interests: Astrostatistics and astroinformatics, Applications in time-domain astronomy and cosmology, Bayesian modeling and inference, Statistical computation



Cosmological Results from the RAISIN Survey: Using Type Ia Supernovae in the Near Infrared as a Novel Path to Measure the Dark Energy Equation of State
DO Jones, KS Mandel, RP Kirshner, S Thorp, PM Challis, A Avelino, D Brout, C Burns, RJ Foley, YC Pan, DM Scolnic, MR Siebert, R Chornock, WL Freedman, A Friedman, J Frieman, L Galbany, E Hsiao, L Kelsey, GH Marion, RC Nichol, PE Nugent, MM Phillips, A Rest, AG Riess et al.
– The Astrophysical Journal
Enhanced monitoring of atmospheric methane from space over the Permian basin with hierarchical Bayesian inference
C Roberts, O Shorttle, K Mandel, M Jones, R Ijzermans, B Hirst, P Jonathan
– Environmental Research Letters
Enhanced monitoring of atmospheric methane from space over the Permian basin with hierarchical Bayesian inference
C Roberts, O Shorttle, K Mandel
– Environmental Research Letters
An Early-time Optical and Ultraviolet Excess in the Type-Ic SN 2020oi
A Gagliano, L Izzo, CD Kilpatrick, B Mockler, WV Jacobson-Galán, G Terreran, G Dimitriadis, Y Zenati, K Auchettl, MR Drout, G Narayan, RJ Foley, R Margutti, A Rest, DO Jones, C Aganze, PD Aleo, AJ Burgasser, DA Coulter, R Gerasimov, C Gall, J Hjorth, CC Hsu, EA Magnier, KS Mandel et al.
– The Astrophysical Journal
A Hierarchical Bayesian SED Model for Type Ia Supernovae in the Optical to Near-Infrared
KS Mandel, S Thorp, G Narayan, AS Friedman, A Avelino
– Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Testing the Consistency of Dust Laws in SN Ia Host Galaxies: A BayeSN Examination of Foundation DR1
S Thorp, KS Mandel, DO Jones, SM Ward, G Narayan
– Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
First Cosmology Results using Supernovae Ia from the Dark Energy Survey: Survey Overview, Performance, and Supernova Spectroscopy
M Smith, CB D'Andrea, M Sullivan, A Möller, RC Nichol, RC Thomas, AG Kim, M Sako, FJ Castander, AV Filippenko, RJ Foley, L Galbany, S González-Gaitán, E Kasai, RP Kirshner, C Lidman, D Scolnic, D Brout, TM Davis, RR Gupta, SR Hinton, R Kessler, J Lasker, E Macaulay, RC Wolf et al.
– The Astronomical Journal
Type Ia Supernovae Are Excellent Standard Candles in the Near-infrared
A Avelino, AS Friedman, KS Mandel, DO Jones, PJ Challis, RP Kirshner
– The Astrophysical Journal
The Photometric LSST Astronomical Time-series Classification Challenge PLAsTiCC: Selection of a Performance Metric for Classification Probabilities Balancing Diverse Science Goals
AI Malz, R Hlozek, TJ Allam, A Bahmanyar, R Biswas, M Dai, L Galbany, EEO Ishida, SW Jha, DO Jones, R Kessler, M Lochner, AA Mahabal, KS Mandel, JR Martinez-Galarza, JD McEwen, D Muthukrishna, G Narayan, H Peiris, CM Peters, K Ponder, CN Setzer
– The Astronomical Journal
RAPID: Early Classification of Explosive Transients using Deep Learning
D Muthukrishna, G Narayan, KS Mandel, R Biswas, R Hložek
– Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
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