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Faculty of Mathematics


Professor of Mathematical Biology, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
David N. Moore Fellow in Mathematics, Queens' College


  • 2017-present  Professor of Mathematical Biology 
  • 2013-2017 Reader in Mathematical Biology
  • 2010-2012  Visiting Fellow, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University
  • 2006-2013 University Lecturer, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
  • 2006-2012 Royal Society University Research Fellowship, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
  • 2004-present Official Fellow, Queens' College
  • 2004-2006 Royal Society University Research Fellowship, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge
  • 2002-2004 Research Fellowship, Queens' College

Honours and awards


Julia Gog's research is in the mathematics of infectious diseases. Recent projects include:

  • Models of influenza strain dynamics
  • Spatial spread of influenza
  • Within-host dynamics of influenza
  • In vitro dynamics of Salmonella
  • Bioinformatic methods to detect RNA signals in viruses

University news items on our work

For list of publications, please try Julia's profile on Google Scholar.

Photo credit: Marisa Sutherland-Brown


Seven challenges in modeling pathogen dynamics within-host and across scales.
JR Gog, L Pellis, JLN Wood, AR McLean, N Arinaminpathy, JO Lloyd-Smith
– Epidemics
Demonstrating the Use of High-Volume Electronic Medical Claims Data to Monitor Local and Regional Influenza Activity in the US
C Viboud, V Charu, D Olson, S Ballesteros, J Gog, F Khan, B Grenfell, L Simonsen
– PloS one
The evolutionary dynamics of influenza A virus adaptation to mammalian hosts.
S Bhatt, TT Lam, SJ Lycett, AJ Leigh Brown, TA Bowden, EC Holmes, Y Guan, JLN Wood, IH Brown, P Kellam, Combating Swine Influenza Consortium, OG Pybus
– Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
Identification of a novel splice variant form of the influenza A virus M2 ion channel with an antigenically distinct ectodomain.
HM Wise, EC Hutchinson, BW Jagger, AD Stuart, ZH Kang, N Robb, LM Schwartzman, JC Kash, E Fodor, AE Firth, JR Gog, JK Taubenberger, P Digard
– PLoS pathogens
The Role of Social Contacts and Original Antigenic Sin in Shaping the Age Pattern of Immunity to Seasonal Influenza.
AJ Kucharski, JR Gog
– PLoS Comput Biol
Dynamics of Salmonella infection of macrophages at the single cell level
JR Gog, A Murcia, N Osterman, O Restif, TJ McKinley, M Sheppard, S Achouri, B Wei, P Mastroeni, JLN Wood, DJ Maskell, P Cicuta, CE Bryant
– Journal of the Royal Society, Interface
Immune responses in pigs vaccinated with adjuvanted and non-adjuvanted A(H1N1)pdm/09 influenza vaccines used in human immunization programmes.
EA Lefevre, BV Carr, CF Inman, H Prentice, IH Brown, SM Brookes, F Garcon, ML Hill, M Iqbal, RA Elderfield, WS Barclay, S Gubbins, M Bailey, B Charleston, COSI
– PLoS One
Improving influenza vaccine virus selection: report of a WHO informal consultation held at WHO headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, 14-16 June 2010.
WHO Writing Group, WK Ampofo, N Baylor, S Cobey, NJ Cox, S Daves, S Edwards, N Ferguson, G Grohmann, A Hay, J Katz, K Kullabutr, L Lambert, R Levandowski, AC Mishra, A Monto, M Siqueira, M Tashiro, AL Waddell, N Wairagkar, J Wood, M Zambon, W Zhang
– Influenza and other respiratory viruses
Descriptive clinical and epidemiological characteristics of influenza A H1N1 2009 virus infections in pigs in England
SM Williamson, AW Tucker, IS McCrone, CA Bidewell, N Brons, H Habernoll, SC Essen, IH Brown, COSI, JLN Wood
– Veterinary Record
Age profile of immunity to influenza: Effect of original antigenic sin
AJ Kucharski, JR Gog
– Theoretical Population Biology
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