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Faculty of Mathematics


Deputy Director, Millennium Mathematics Project (MMP)
The MMP ( is a maths education, outreach and public engagement initiative for ages 3 to 19 and the general public. The MMP is a collaboration between the Faculties of Mathematics and Education at the University of Cambridge, and is active nationally and internationally. Our focus is on increasing mathematical understanding, confidence and enjoyment, developing problem-solving skills, and promoting creative and imaginative approaches to maths. 

The project consists of a family of complementary programmes, including the very successful NRICH website, Plus online mathematics magazine, the STEP Support Programme, and face-to-face work with schools and the public. In the 2021/22 school year our online mathematical resources attracted over 9 million visits from users worldwide and 30 million page views, while over 13,000 school students and more than 2,900 teachers were involved in our face-to-face activities and online webinars and events.

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Millenium Mathematics Project




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