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Faculty of Mathematics



1980-95: Professor of Mathematical Physics, Cambridge University

1965-80: Reader in Theoretical Physics, Oxford University

1961-65: Lecturer, Cambridge University

1957-61: Lecturer, Imperial College


John Taylor is interested in Gauge Field Theory and Thermal Field Theory.

Selected Publications

  • J C Taylor, Ward identities and charge renormalization  of the Yang-Milss field, Nucl. Phys. B33, 436 (1971)
  • J C Taylor, Gauge theories of  weak interactions, CUP (1976)
  • R Doria, J Frenkel and J C Taylor, Counter-example to non-abelian Bloch-Norsieck conjecture, Nucl. Phys. B168, 93 (1980)
  • J Frenkel and J C Taylor, High-temperature limit of thermal QCD, Nucl. Phys B334, 199 (1991)
  • J C Taylor, Hidden unity in nature's laws, CUP (2001)
  • J C Taylor (editor), Gauge theories in the twentieth century, Imperial College Press (2001)


Research Group

High Energy Physics




01223 764252