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Faculty of Mathematics



  • 2023-date: Research Associate in the Fluid Dynamics of Sinus Infections., DAMTP. Supervisor Prof. Eric Lauga.
  • 2022-date: Research Associate in the Fluid Dynamics of Decontamination, DAMTP. Supervisors Prof. Stuart Dalziel and Prof. Julien Landel.
  • 2018-2022: PhD Student, DAMTP. Supervisor Prof. Raymond Goldstein.
  • 2014-2018: BA/MMath, Mathematics, Trinity College Cambridge


George is an applied mathematician specialising in combining mathematical modelling with experimentation to elucidate the underlying physical processes driving phenomena in complex systems. Understanding these physical processes is key when tackling a wide range of environmental and industrial challenges such as the spread of bacterial biofilms or the decontamination of hazardous materials. George has a particular focus on biological systems such as bacterial biofilms and those exhibiting collective behaviour, taking inspiration from the world around us. George's methodology aims for a holistic approach, developing simultaneously theoretical and experimental capability. Theoretically, he seeks to develop reduced mathematical models, drawing on a wide range of different mathematical techniques. Experimentation arises from a combination of collaborations with experimentalists and his own experiments, both tabletop in the laboratory and out in the field.  

Academic Service

Referee for Physical Review E since 2021.

Referee for Phsical Review Fluids since 2023.


since 2018: Undergraduate Supervisions
One-on-two tutorials for undergraduates reading for the Mathematical Tripos at Cambridge (>410 hours) in a range of Applied Mathematical Methods courses.

since 2022: STEM SMART Supervisions
Small group tutorials (up to ten students) for A-level students enrolled in the STEM SMART programme teaching both Maths and Further Mathematics (35 hours).

2018 - 2020: Tutor, Undergraduate Maths Clinic
Weekly three-hour drop-in sessions during term time.

2018 - 2019: Instructor, Part III Drop-in sessions
Regular sessions allowing Part III students to ask questions relating to Part III courses in Fluid Dynamics.



Biophysical Fluid Dynamics in a Petri Dish
G Fortune, E Lauga, R Goldstein
Droplet absorption and spreading into thin layers of polymer hydrogels
MA Etzold, GT Fortune, JR Landel, SB Dalziel
– Journal of Fluid Mechanics
Biofilm Growth under Elastic Confinement
R Goldstein, G Fortune, N Oliveira
– Phys Rev Lett
Droplet absorption and spreading into thin layers of polymer hydrogels
MA Etzold, GT Fortune, JR Landel, SB Dalziel
Biological Physics of Collective Motion: Circular Milling in Symsagittifera roscoffensis and Related Questions of Self-Organisation
G Fortune
The fluid dynamics of collective vortex structures of plant-animal worms
GT Fortune, A Worley, AB Sendova-Franks, NR Franks, KC Leptos, E Lauga, RE Goldstein
– Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Research Group

Environmental and Industrial Fluid Dynamics