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Faculty of Mathematics


Academic history

  • 2023–: CMI PhD student in Applied Functional and Harmonic Analysis Group, DAMTP. Supervised by Matthew Colbrook and Anders Hansen.
  • 2022–2023: Part III Maths, Cambridge
  • 2019–2022: BSc Mathematics, Warwick

Research interests

My research is in computational spectral theory. My work so far has included augmenting the Solvability Complexity Index (SCI) hierarchy (see [1], [2]) for inexact problem functions, paying particular attention to the spectral problem on differential operators and exploring a new model of computation in the SCI hierarchy.

In general most of my mathematical interests are within functional analysis and more recently computability theory and set theory (though this is currently a significant part of my research, I am trying to read broadly beyond what is strictly required by it). I have enjoyed the books Turing Computability by Soare  and Combinatorial Set Theory by Halbeisen so far, with a goal of mine being to (eventually) understand forcing and perhaps prove non-trivial independence results in spectral theory.

Research Group

Mathematics of Information (Applied)




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