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Faculty of Mathematics



The Millennium Mathematics Project (MMP) is an award-winning maths education and outreach initiative for ages 3 to 19 and the general public, involving staff in both the Faculties of Mathematics and Education at the University of Cambridge. The MMP's focus is on developing problem solving skills, increasing mathematical understanding, confidence and enjoyment, and promoting creative and imaginative approaches to maths.

The project consists of a family of complementary programmes and activities, including the very successful NRICH and Plus websites, and face-to-face work with students, teachers and the general public.


MMP programmes and activities

Our activities include:

  • The NRICH website publishes free online maths education resources for ages 3 to 19, focusing on problem-solving.
  • Plus is a free online mathematics magazine aimed at the interested general reader, including older students (16+).
  • NRICH staff visit schools to run hands-on workshops and NRICH Maths Roadshow days for school students and professional development training for teachers.
  • We organise events for schools and the public held in Cambridge;
  • The MMP hosts the regional East of England co-ordination for the Further Mathematics Support Programme.
  • We co-ordinate STIMULUS, a student volunteer programme creating teaching placements in local Cambridge primary and secondary schools for volunteer Cambridge University students to help with maths, science and computing classes

We also work closely with the new DfE-funded Underground Mathematics project, which has developed resources to support post-16 mathematics, and STEP Correspondence Project, supporting potential university applicants.


Impact and reach

The project is active nationally and internationally, and has a significant impact and reach. In the 2015/16 school year our web-based mathematical resources attracted over 11 million visits from users worldwide and more than 43 million page views; around 15,000 school students and more than 4,000 teachers were involved in our face-to-face activities and events; and the STIMULUS programme created over 200 placements for Cambridge student volunteers in local schools.

In 2006 the Queen presented the project with the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, honouring ‘outstanding achievement and excellence’ at world-class level.

To find out more about all our activities and resources please see the MMP website: