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The University of Cambridge has announced the subject for one if its oldest and most prestigious prizes. The Adams Prize is named after the mathematician John Couch Adams and was endowed by members of St John’s College. It commemorates Adams’s role in the discovery of the planet Neptune, through calculation of the discrepancies in the orbit of Uranus.

The Chairman of the Adjudicators for the Adams Prize invites applications for the 2016-17 prize which will be awarded this year for achievements in the field of Statistical Analysis of Big Data.

The prize is open to any person who, on 31st October 2016, will hold an appointment in the UK, either in a university or in some other institution; and who is under 40 (in exceptional circumstances the Adjudicators may relax this age limit). The value of the prize is expected to be approximately £15,000, of which one third is awarded to the prize-winner on announcement of the prize, one third is provided to the prize-winner’s institution (for research expenses of the prize-winner) and one third is awarded to the prize-winner on acceptance for publication in an internationally recognised journal of a substantial (normally at least 25 printed pages) original article, of which the prize-winner is an author, surveying a significant part of the winner’s field.

Applications, comprising a CV, a list of publications, the body of work (published or unpublished) to be considered, and a brief non-technical summary of the most significant new results of this work (designed for mathematicians not working in the subject area) should be sent to the Secretary of the Adams Prize Adjudicators via email to

The deadline for receipt of applications is 31st October 2016.

Poster for display (pdf download)