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Simone Parisotto

Originally from

Verona, Italy.

Academic background

  • MSc in Mathematics in 2014 cum laude, University of Verona (Thesis: Variational Methods in Image Processing for Inpainting and Shadow Removal, Advisors: Prof. G. Orlandi, Prof. S. Masnou)
  • BSc in Applied Mathematics in 2010, University of Verona (Thesis: Nonequispaced Fast Fourier Transform and Applications, Advisor: Dr. M. Caliari)

Areas of interest

My research field aims to connect theory and practice in multidisciplinary applications (e.g. preservation of cultural heritage, medical imaging) using Variational and Numerical Methods. I believe that the target of the mathematical research is not only the academic staff but also a common user who needs complex algorithms to satisfy his creativity. For this reason, I have always investigate how to speed up the numerical codes, using adaptive and parallel methods, because time is the most precious resource we have.

Beyond mathematics, I like shooting photos as well as deepening the history of Syracuse (Sicily - Italy), hometown of Archimedes.


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