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Faculty of Mathematics


Before applying to the Cambridge Mathematics of Information, you are encouraged to discuss informally with possible supervisors. It will help our consideration of your application to know with whom you are interested in working and in what fields. This does not necessarily have to be narrowed down to a single supervisor or research area. CMI encourages research across traditional subject boundaries and many of our students are jointly supervised for this reason.

You should contact either one of the following Subject Coordinators

Professor Nathanael Berestycki Probability
Professor Clement Mouhot PDE Analysis
Professor Richard Nickl Statistics
Dr Carola Schönlieb Mathematics of Information
Dr Alexei Shadrin Computational Analysis

or one of the following potential supervisors

Dr Sebastian Andres Probability
Professor John Aston Statistics
Dr Roland Bauerschmidt Probability
Dr Sergio Bacallado Statistics
Professor Nathanael Berestycki Probability
Dr Quentin Berthet Statistics
Dr Colm-cille Caulfield Fluid Dynamics
Professor Mihalis Dafermos PDE, General Relativity
Dr Hamza Fawzi Mathematical optimisation
Professor Thanasis Fokas Linear and Integrable Nonlinear PDEs, Medical Imaging.
Dr Anders Hansen Applied Functional Analysis, Compressed Sensing
Professor Arieh Iserles Computational Analysis
Dr Alexei Kovalev Differential Geometry
Professor Peter Markowich PDE and Applications
Dr Jason Miller Probability
Professor Clement Mouhot PDE, Kinetic Theory
Professor Richard Nickl Statistics
Professor James Norris Probability
Professor Gabriel Paternain Geometric inverse problems
Professor Nigel Peake Applied Mathematics
Dr Carola Schönlieb Applied and Computational Analysis, Mathematical Imaging
Dr Alexei Shadrin Approximation Theory
Dr Rajen Shah Statistics
Dr Perla Sousi Probability
Dr Mike Tehranchi Financial Mathematics
Dr Claude Warnick PDE, General Relativity
Professor Richard Weber Mathematics for Operational Research
Professor Neshan Wickramasekera Geometric Analysis

Contact details may be found on each supervisor's webpage. You are encouraged to make initial contact by email.