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Tomorrow 13:00

Black Holes and Scalar Hair
Alec Graham
DAMTP Friday GR Seminar

Tomorrow 14:00

Statistical Laboratory Open Afternoon
Professor Chris Rogers, Acting Director of the Statistical Labor
Graduate and internship applications

Tomorrow 15:00

Tropical invariants through mirror symmetry
Peter Overholser (KU Leuven)
Junior Geometry Seminar

Tomorrow 15:00

Vanishing Elements In Groups
Julian Brough University of Cambridge
Junior Algebra/Logic/Number Theory seminar

Tomorrow 16:00

Adaptive posterior contraction
Johannes Schmidt-Hieber, University of Leiden

Tomorrow 16:00

Phenomenology of bottom-initiated processes at the LHC
Maria Ubiali (Cambridge)
HEP phenomenology joint Cavendish-DAMTP seminar

Saturday October 25 11:00

MegaMenger and Cambridge Maths Circle
Please see maths.org/events for details
Millennium Mathematics Project (http://mmp.maths.org)

Monday October 27 13:00

Applications of the adjoint method to post-glacial sea level change
David Al-Attar (Bullard, DES)
Geophysical and Environmental Processes (DAMTP/BPI)