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Today 13:00

Galileon Dualities and Beyond
Johannes Noller (Oxford)
DAMTP Friday GR Seminar

Today 13:30

2nd year PhD conference in Applied Mathematics
Fluid Mechanics (DAMTP)

Today 15:00

Around the Cone Conjecture
Diletta Martinelli (Imperial)
Junior Geometry Seminar

Today 15:00

Quantum D-Modules
Nicolas Dupré, University of Cambridge
Junior Algebra/Logic/Number Theory seminar

Today 16:00

A Conditional Dependence Measure with Applications to Undirected Graphical Models
Yang Feng, Columbia University

Today 16:00

Is Our Universe Metastable, Stable, Critical ... ?
Enzo Branchina (Catania U.& INFN)
HEP phenomenology joint Cavendish-DAMTP seminar

Monday June 1 13:00

Advanced LIGO: Gravitational-wave astronomy and binary neutron stars
Christopher Berry (Birmingham)
Cosmology lunch

Monday June 1 16:00

NLFFF modeling of a circular-ribbon flare
Dr. Gherardo Valori (UCL MSSL)
DAMTP Astrophysics Seminar

Monday June 1 17:00

The solution of the Kadison-Singer Problem
Daniel Spielman (Yale)
Mordell Lectures