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The Equality and Diversity Committee's remit is to promote a culture of participation and inclusivity, work to raise awareness of equality and diversity issues, embed E&D values and working practices, identify obstacles and problem areas, identify equality priorities and objectives, propose actions to meet these priorities and monitor progress. It is responsible for both staff and students and to consider all the protected characteristics including gender, race, disability and sexuality. 

Click here for the Terms of Reference for the Equality and Diversity Committee which were approved by the Faculty Board at their meeting held on 15 November 2018.


The Equality and Diversity Committee is a committee appointed by the Faculty Board of Mathematics. Its membership consists of:

  1. a Chair
  2. the two Heads of Departments for DAMTP and DPMMS
  3. the Faculty Admissions Officer
  4. the Director of Undergraduate Education
  5. the Departmental Administrator for DAMTP or DPMMS
  6. two Researcher Reps (one from each department)
  7. two student representatives (ideally one graduate and one undergraduate member), appointed by the Committee.
  8. School of Physical Sciences Committee Representatives
  9. Co-opted/ corresponding members.  These members will be invited to attend meetings when required.

Members of the Committee are appointed to serve for one year, and may be reappointed to provide continuity.

Whenever a student vacancy arises on the committee, the Chair will contact all Undergraduate and PhD Students to ask if they would be prepared to sit on the Committee.

The current members of the E&D Committee are:

Professor M Cates (Chair)

Professor N Peake (Head of Department for DAMTP)

Professor J Norris Head of Department for DPMMS)

Dr O Rath-Spivack (Faculty Admissions Officer)

Dr J Evans (Director of Undergraduate Education)

Dr V Gruar (Departmental Administrator for DPMMS)

Dr S Eglen (School of Physical Sciences Equality & Diversity Forum Representative)

Dr R Shah (School of Physical Sciences Race Equality Charter self-assessment team)

Researcher Reps



Students Reps



Co-opted/corresponding members

Dr J Wolf (Director of Taught Postgraduate Education)

Dr T Fisher / Professor N Berloff (Director of Graduate Education from either Department)

Professional and support staff representative (possibly a technician)

Dr H Krieger / Dr M Ubiali  (Corfield Lecturer/ Sheila Edmonds Lecturer)

Dr J. Jasiewicz (Representative from the Equality & Diversity Section)

Dr S Cowley (Council / University HR Committee representative)