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Faculty of Mathematics


EWM: European Women in Mathematics
3-6th September 2007
Cambridge, UK

The 13th general meeting of European Women in Mathematics (EWM), open to members and non-members of EWM, will take place at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS), University of Cambridge, England, from 3 to 6 September 2007. Accommodation has been arranged at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.
Many have been amazed and encouraged by the experience of attending an EWM conference, never having previously been part of a group of over 100 women listening intently to a talk on state-of-the-art mathematical research, or had the opportunity to meet and talk to women mathematicians in a variety of fields. The conferences have sparked collaborations, follow-on meetings on related themes and, most importantly, have inspired many women from graduate students to professors as they develop their careers as working mathematicians.
Talks at EWM07 will cover a range of mathematical areas. The invited speakers are among the very best in their areas of research, and we hope that there will be something to interest all mathematicians. The speakers so far are expected to include:

Ana Achucarro, Lorenz Institute, Leiden: Theoretical Physics
Toni Beardon OBE Cambridge, UK: The impact of computers and the internet on globalising mathematics education
Natalia Berloff, DAMTP, Cambridge UK: Quantum Fluids
Lenore Blum, Carnegie Mellon University, USA: Theoretical Computer Science
Simone Gutt, Univ. Libre de Bruxelles: Symplectic Geometry
Eleny Ionel, Stanford, USA: Symplectic Geometry
Dusa McDuff, Stonybrook, USA: Symplectic Geometry
Cheryl Praeger,University of Western Australia: Group Theory
Vera Sos, Budapest: Combinatorics
Ramdorai Sujatha, Tata Institute, Mumbai: Number Theory

In addition there will be splinter sessions devoted to short talks and posters, and PhD students and younger staff are particularly encouraged to volunteer to speak. There will also be a session on mathematical education in the developing world, led by Toni Beardon who is currently developing exciting projects in Africa, and a discussion on the role and future of EWM.
A conference banquet has been arranged at Trinity College, Cambridge on Wednesday 5th September, and there will also be receptions at Newnham College and at the Master's Lodge, Trinity College on other evenings. Participants will also have the chance to go on a punting trip on the river in Cambridge.
There is a registration fee of £60 (£30 for students) or day registration for £10 for the conference.
Accommodation at Fitzwilliam college costs between £29-£41.60 per night (42.50 - 61 Eur) for bed and breakfast, depending on facilities.
EWM07 has a childcare bursary scheme that all delegates can apply for. Please see application form & guidance note in the More Information section of this page. Please also note that the deadline is 1st July 07.
We are sorry that we do not have funds available to subidize travel to the conference. The conference has received support from a number of sponsors which have enabled us to keep the registration fee as low as possible for all participants, and to help with accommodation for some participants. Priority will be given to students, splinter group speakers & participants from developing countries. Applications for financial support for accomodation MUST be receieved by 1st July 07.
If you are looking for travel funds you might wish to ask your department or university who may have access to conference or career development funds, for example as part of a gender action plan related to EU funding. UK participants may also apply to the UK Resource Centre for Women in SET
If you are intersted in attending the conference, or receiving email updates, please email Amanda Stagg to be added to the mailing list If you would like to volunteer a presentation for a splinter session please send Amanda Stagg a title and abstract (at most 300 words), and indicate your affiliation and career stage (PhD student or number of years since PhD). Titles and abstracts should be submitted by 30th June, and the splinter group schedule will be drawn up shortly after this.