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Computer-Aided Teaching of All Mathematics (CATAM)

As an undergraduate student at the University you are entitled to install MATLAB on your personally-owned computer, for non-commercial University use only.

Getting the installation media

NOTE: It will take some time to download and install the files. Please ensure you have the bandwidth to cope.

Download from a MathWorks server - RECOMMENDED
We currently recommend that you download MATLAB directly from the MathWorks website by using the following instructions (note that when logging in you should use a <CRSid> e-mail address):
  • Click through to the Mathworks website;
  • Log in (top right);
  • Click on Support (menu along top);
  • Select Download Products;
  • Choose your download.
Download from a Cambridge Maths server is no longer maintained.
Due to the increase in size, starting from Matlab R2018b, it is not longer possible to download them from Maths website.

Installation instructions

For installion from the MathWorks server, click through from the Dowload Products link or follow the advice on the MATLAB Installation page.

For installation from a Cambridge server, follow the procedure below. Step-by-step instructions (for R2011b but applicable to later versions) are also available as a PDF file.

Install the ISO file

Once downloaded the ISO file can be installed in one of at least two ways:
  • On Windows 8 and above you can double-click the image to see its contents;
  • or on earlier versions of Windows, open and extract the installation files, by mounting the ISO file as a Virtual CD using free tools such as Microsoft Virtual CD-Rom, or Virtual CloneDrive .

Now run the setup program from the DVD or from your Virtual CD.

Double-clicking the ISO image file will mount as a new Volume on your desktop. Open this and run the installer.
Intel Macs with 32-bit (only) CPUs can only run up to 2010b. MacOSX 10.5.x will run up to R2010b. You need MacOSX 10.6.6 or newer to run R2011a - R2012b and MacOSX 10.7.4 or newer to run 2013a or later. For versions other than R2013b and R2014a see the Other Versions section at end of this page. MathsWorks have a series of pages describing system requirements of Macs.
You can burn the ISO file to a dual-layer DVD, or mount the file on your machine using something like the following (as root or using sudo on distributions like Ubuntu):
   mkdir /mnt/matlab   mount -o ro,loop ./linux-mac.iso /mnt/matlab   /mnt/matlab/install   umount /mnt/matlab 

More information about which versions run on which architectures and other issues can be found on the MATLAB Q&A page.

Install the licence

You need internet access to install the software. During installation, choose "Install using the Internet" and then select either

  • I need to create an Account (requires Activation Key), or
  • log on using your e-mail address and MathWorks password if you already have an account.

If you need to create a new account, be sure to use <CRSid> as your email address; do not use <CRSid>, or similar, as your email address.


The Activation Key for MATLAB R2010b onwards is:


After installing the software, you will be prompted to activate the software. This process (which again needs Internet access) should run to completion without further intervention.

Known Problems

If you do not have an Internet connection (to allow access to the MathWorks website) then the MATLAB installation will fail and/or the activation of the installation will fail.

If you find that this does not work or you run into other problems please contact CATAM Helpline in the first instance:

Update an Expiring Licence

If your MATLAB licence is expiring (there is usually a message when starting up MATLAB) then to update the licence:

  1. quit and relaunch MATLAB by right-clicking icon and choosing "run as administrator" if this option is available
  2. help -> licensing -> Update Current Licences On Macs you may need to navigate to this menu via: home -> resources -> help
  3. click on "update" button
  4. restart MATLAB

Other Versions:

If you aren't sure which matlab versions will run on your machine, may help.