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The current standard model of cosmology, LambdaCDM, may or may not be correct -- within the next three years, we expect however to see the first data release of the European Euclid-satellite, which ought to allow the cosmological community to test LambdaCDM and its competitors. Whether or not new physics will thereby be found is a question time will answer, but one of the most pressing current questions is how to get the Euclid data out of the Euclid consortium and into the wider astronomical community at all. In this talk I will shortly focus on the scientific mission of Euclid and then describe our latest elements to handle the size and precision of the Euclid data set. The may -- one day (hopefully soon!) -- be encountered by any researcher wishing to independently analyze the Euclid data.

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Jan 20th 2020
13:00 to 14:00


CMS, Pav. B, CTC Common Room (B1.19) [Potter Room]


Elena Sellentin


Cosmology Lunch