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Postgraduate Study in Mathematics


PhD students who wish to learn a second language, or improve existing skills, are encouraged to do so whether this is to meet a short-term study objective or a longer-term career goal.  

The University offers language training opportunities via the University Language Centre, but students may also choose to use external providers.

School Language Training Fund

Funding for language training is available from the School Language Training Fund. Prior to completing the application form (below) you must ascertain whether your College will fully or partially cover the cost of language training. In addition, the form will ask you to provide details of your supervisor and department, the course you wish to take, the provider, and the reason you wish to avail of the training.

Once submitted and approved, the School’s Researcher Developer will sanction the funding, and you will receive email confirmation to say that you can book the course of your choosing. Evaluation is already built into the University’s language training, but the School will require feedback if external courses are used and details will be provided on how to do this.

You are required to book and pay for the training upfront. You will be reimbursed by your Department. Your claim for reimbursement should be submitted to the Faculty Graduate Office (C0.15).