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Postgraduate Study in Mathematics


The Researcher Development Language Training Bursary Scheme 

As a doctoral students at the University of Cambridge you are eligible to apply to the Language Training Bursary Scheme

DEADLINE: Monday 5 October at 9am

APPLCIATION: (Bursary Schemes tab)

You may apply for a bursary for one of the following only:

(Please note that ADTIS In-Sessional programme for international students is not an eligible course)

Applicants will be required to demonstrate why this language training is a requirement to support their research and/or employability. Successful applicants for a bursary will be awarded £142.50.
(You are advised that many Colleges, at their own discretion, will also provide support for CULP course fees and you should enquire in your College)

Bursary applications will be considered in 2 cycles each year (Michaelmas and Lent).

Cycle 1 deadline for receipt of applications: 9am Monday 05 October 2020

You will be notified by Friday 9 October and the first courses start teaching on Thursday 15 October.