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Postgraduate Study in Mathematics


On behalf of the University, Departments have a duty of care to (as far as reasonably possible) properly manage risks to the health and safety of students throughout the course of their studies. Health and Safety legislation requires that risk assessments are carried out for all activities, including travel for research related activity such as conferences and research visits. In addition, there is an expectation from the University insurance provider that Departments are aware of student activity so that any claim can be supported.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any potential risks have been appropriately assessed in advance of travel. The type of risk assessment required will depend upon the activity to be undertaken.

Where Leave to Work Away is not required (i.e. for trips under fourteen days), we ask that:

Where an application for Leave to Work Away is required (i.e. for trips of fourteen days or more) you must upload an appropriate risk assessment, signed by both you and your supervisor.  Departmental approval for your application will not be given until copy of an appropriate risk assessment has been received. A basic template is provided below, which may be adapted to your requirements. Alternatively the Safety Office provides information on more detailed risk assessment.

Travel Risk Assessment Form

Travel to high risk areas

If the nature of your trip and the research that you plan to undertake require a more detailed risk assessment, advice should be sought from your supervisor and from the University Safety Office as appropriate.

If travel is to a higher risk area, or the work you wish to undertake puts you at a high risk, or where there are health concerns, an application for leave to work away will not be approved without the agreement of the University’s Study Away Risk Assessment Committee.  In this circumstance you are advised to discuss your plans with the Faculty Postgraduate Office as soon as possible.

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