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Samuel Power

Personal background

Born in Melbourne to Australian parents, and have lived variously in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sydney.

Academic background

From 2010-2014, I studied my MMath at the University of Oxford, maintaining interests both across pure and applied mathematics, including numerical analysis, number theory, random walks and applied complex variables. After taking a couple of years away from academia to work in Hong Kong, I decided to return to full-time mathematics by joining the CCA.

Areas of interest

I'm interested in statistics, with a current focus on Bayesian methods, in particular Bayesian nonparametrics and applications to machine learning. I also enjoy random walks, complex analysis, and the ways in which they can offer fresh perspectives on different problems.

Other interests

Outside of my studies in mathematics, I enjoy football (soccer, Australian, and occasionally Gaelic), reading, and mathematical artwork. I also mentor gifted younger students of ​mathematics, with an emphasis on fostering a passion and curiosity for the subject.


sp825 [at]