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Faculty of Mathematics


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  • 2016-2021: PhD Student, University of Cambridge
  • 2013-2016: Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge


I am a PhD student supervised by Gos Micklem based in Cambridge working on forms of unconventional computing, with a special interest in reversible and molecular computing. My research centers on the physics and computer science of abstract forms of these systems, whilst my future directions will expand into their practical implementation.


Engines of Parsimony

This project focuses on the maximum rate of computation that can be achieved by any physical computer within a given region of space and provided a given supply of power and rate of heat dissipation. In part i, we find general scaling laws independent of whether the computers are quantum or classical, and also find how these depend on whether the computers are reversible or irreversible. We also extend to the cases of very small and very large computers.

  • part i — Limits on Computational Rates in Physical Systemspreprint
  • part ii — Performance Tradeoffs for Communicating Reversible Computersunpublished
  • part iii — Performance Tradeoffs for Reversible Computers Sharing Resourcesunpublished
when general relativistic effects such as gravitational collapse become important


  • Reversible Models for Programming Molecular Computersunpublished

Research Group

Computational Biology




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