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Faculty of Mathematics



  • 2020-present: Junior Research Fellow, Homerton College, University of Cambridge
  • 2016-2020: PhD, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
  • 2015-16: MSci Physics, Gonville and Caius, University of Cambridge
  • 2012-15: BA Natural Sciences, Gonville and Caius, University of Cambridge


Amelia is a member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Relativity and Gravitation research group.  Her current research interests are axion and gravitational wave signatures from cosmic strings, and neutrino oscillations around black holes. She is a developer of the adaptive mesh numerical relativity code, GRChombo (


Lessons for adaptive mesh refinement in numerical relativity
M Radia, U Sperhake, A Drew, K Clough, P Figueras, EA Lim, JL Ripley, JC Aurrekoetxea, T França, T Helfer
– Classical and Quantum Gravity
Radiation from global topological strings using adaptive mesh refinement: Methodology and massless modes
A Drew, EPS Shellard
– Physical Review D
GRChombo: An adaptable numerical relativity code for fundamental physics
T Andrade, LA Salo, JC Aurrekoetxea, J Bamber, K Clough, R Croft, ED Jong, A Drew, A Duran, PG Ferreira, P Figueras, H Finkel, T França, B-X Ge, C Gu, T Helfer, J Jäykkä, C Joana, M Kunesch, K Kornet, EA Lim, F Muia, Z Nazari, M Radia, J Ripley et al.
– The Journal of Open Source Software
Cosmic String Radiation with Adaptive Mesh Refinement
AL Drew
Black holes, gravitational waves and fundamental physics: a roadmap
L Barack, V Cardoso, S Nissanke, TP Sotiriou, A Askar, K Belczynski, G Bertone, E Bon, D Blas, R Brito, T Bulik, C Burrage, CT Byrnes, C Caprini, M Chernyakova, P Chrusciel, M Colpi, V Ferrari, D Gaggero, J Gair, J Garcia-Bellido, SF Hassan, L Heisenberg, M Hendry, IS Heng et al.
– Classical and Quantum Gravity
Volume 36,
Using computing models from particle physics to investigate dose-toxicity correlations in cancer radiotherapy
A Drew, PJ Elwood, K Harrison, MA Parker, HL Pullen, M Romanchikova, E Silvester, AD Sultana, MPF Sutcliffe, SJ Thomas, PL Yeap
– Journal of Physics Conference Series
Applying physical science techniques and CERN technology to an unsolved problem in radiation treatment for cancer: the multidisciplinary ‘VoxTox’ research programme
NG Burnet, JE Scaife, M Romanchikova, SJ Thomas, AM Bates, E Wong, DJ Noble, LEA Shelley, SJ Bond, JR Forman, ACF Hoole, GC Barnett, FM Brochu, MPD Simmons, R Jena, K Harrison, PL Yeap, A Drew, E Silvester, P Elwood, H Pullen, A Sultana, SYK Seah, MZ Wilson, SG Russell et al.
– CERN ideaSquare journal of experimental innovation
Accuracy of manual and automated rectal contours using helical tomotherapy image guidance scans during prostate radiotherapy.
JE Scaife, K Harrison, A Drew, X Cai, J Lee, C-B Schonlieb, M Sutcliffe, MA Parker, S Freeman, M Romanchikova, S Thomas, R Jena, A Bates, N Burnet
– Journal of Clinical Oncology
Training Neural Machine Translation (NMT) Models using Tensor Train Decomposition on TensorFlow (T3F)
A Drew, A Heinecke

Research Group

Relativity and Gravitation