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Faculty of Mathematics


I am just a PhD student/junior member of staff.  Can I have a CMP student working with me?  Yes.  We will need a statement from your PhD supervisor/PI to the effect that she or he is happy to support the student working with you (arrange whatever access requirements need to be made) and that she or he is happy for you to spend time working with the student.  

I am a member of staff.  Can I have a CMP student working with me without a more junior scientist as host partner for the CMP student?  Yes, but be aware that particularly in the early weeks the CMP student will require a lot of your time.  If you are applying for bursary funds, be aware that we do take into consideration the support of the CMP student within the research environment of the project.

When do these placements take place?  During the summer, but generally, at your convenience, as agreed between you and the student.  The period of research is generally 8 weeks, but shorter periods may be considered.  Longer periods are possible if the host department can find complementary funding.

What are the responsibilities of the host department? Costs: the host department is expected to cover any costs of the student working in the host department.  The bursaries are not intended to cover such overheads as computing facilities, use of equipment, training courses.
    The host department should provide a desk/bench and a computer. In rare instances students have spent a significant proportion of their time working outside of the host department, for example, in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences. If this is to be the case, plans should be made so that students are not left to work in isolation. We can discuss possibilities for joint supervision with a member of CMS.

If a bursary is not required, when will decisions be made?  If you have taken advantage of the the chance to present your project in the seminar series, we ask that you delay requiring an answer from your student until 2 March, to allow others presenting their projects at a later date an equal chance to interest students. If you have recruited your students through other means, you are free to run your recruitment process as you please.

Who decides which student we get if more than one student shows an interest in our project?  You do.  The process is that students will approach you if they are interested in your project.  How you decide between them, whether you interview, whether you post a deadline for expressions of interest is up to you. We very strongly advise that you interview students before confirming a project. If you can use two students, you may take two, although we may prefer to give others the chance of having a student before enabling you to take two.

Keep asking questions.  We are learning how to make this programme work well for all of us.