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Careers for Mathematicians

Buliding on the success of the Industrial section of the Post-Master's Placement scheme, we have decided to offer a similar page aimed at PhD students and post-docs. This site is intended as a place where postgraduates  in the Faculty of Mathematics can connect with groups in industry, government, and academia looking to offer short term projects/ internships with connections to mathematics.  It's not aimed at recruitment or permanent employment (for that, please contact the Careers Service), but at groups with a specific, short term problem in mind that they think a mathematician might be good at solving, and students/postdocs interested in learning something about what work in government and industry might be like.

We do not offer any bursaries at this level (hosts and students should arrange for any payment on their own), but are happy to provide the elbow grease needed to connect project hosts with students and postdocs with the right skills for their job.

For more details on PMP-PhD, please see our short information sheet.