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Careers for Mathematicians


Some people intending to study mathematics have a definite career path in mind; many do not. A degree in mathematics allows you to keep your options open. Sites with helpful information include:

In addition, the results of a Sutton Trust report produced in December 2014 on Earning by Degrees may be of interest. That report examined the effect of degree subject, University, etc. on salaries 6 months and 3 years and 6 months after graduation.

The Faculty's Summer Research in Mathematics Programme supports students doing summer research in the CMS, in other departments of the university, and in industry. The programme offers bursaries to support summer research, as well as a matchmaking service (Cambridge Mathematics Placements) for projects in industry and other departments.

Mailing Lists

The Faculty maintains a number of mailing lists for course adverts, job adverts and events of interest to students studying the Mathematical Tripos, namely

Mailing List Adverts for
masters-opportunities Masters courses (archive)
phd-opportunities PhD places, studentships, scholarships, etc. (archive)
pg-opportunities Postdocs and other post-PhD academic positions (archive)
job-opportunities Permanent positions (not covered by pg-opportunities) (archive)
temporary-job-opportunities Temporary positions (archive)
events-notifications Events of interest to mathematicians (archive)
Posting Adverts
If you wish to post an advert to a list then please email the advert to, preferably indicating to which list or lists you would like the advert circulated. Please do not email the lists directly (the lists are moderated, and your advert will be rejected).
Cambridge students and alumni can subscribe to these lists. The initial subscriptions for Cambridge mathematics students are as follows.
If you wish to subscribe to a list, or to re-subscribe to a list, then click on one of the above active links; however, since membership of the lists is moderated, in order to streamline administration please heed the following advice.

New subscribers receive emails in digest form (one email containing many emails). You can change this option via the list information page (go to your personal lists page, click on the list name and then click on the button labelled 'Unsubscribe or edit options'). To receive emails as they are sent turn the digest option off, to switch the digests to plain text, turn that option on.

Each mailing from the lists includes instructions as to how to unsubscribe.