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Notes on the Web

Some of the notes here are for previous versions for the courses: caveat lector.

If you know of any more online notes which you find useful or if there are any broken links, please e-mail us at Some of the notes linked from here may not be accessible from outside Cambridge or even from outside the CMS.

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Examples Sheets and Lecture Notes

Most example sheets and some lecture notes are available centrally on the relevant DPMMS and DAMTP pages.

Lecturers' Notes and Example Sheets

Part IA

Part IB

Part II

Part III and MPhil

Other Notes Relating to Cambridge Courses, including Students' LaTeXed Notes

  • The Archimedeans have many lecture note links.
  • Paul Metcalfe has a large collection of very good lecture notes: Part IA Discrete Mathematics, and Probability; Part IB Analysis, Further Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Geometry, Methods, Quadratic Mathematics, and Quantum Mechanics; Part II Dynamical Systems, Dynamics of Differential Equations, Electrodynamics, Fluid Dynamics,
    Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, Methods of Mathematical Physics, Statistical Physics, and Waves in Fluid and Solid Media.
  • George Weatherill has a collection of lecture notes, some typed by himself.
  • Mathematicians of Pembroke have a list of links to lecture notes.
  • Sergey Grigorian has typed lecture notes on Part III Applications of Differential Geometry to Physics, Supersymmetry and Extra Dimensions, and Differential Geometry.
  • Prof. Wilson's notes on IIB Galois Theory [PS] [DVI].
  • Notes on IIB Riemann Surfaces and Galois Theory, and some other revision notes.
  • Principles of Dynamics by Colm Whelan. [PDF] [PS] [DVI].
  • Stochastic Networks by Alan Bain. [PDF] [PS] [DVI]

Other Notes

These are notes from sources outside Cambridge.

Other resources

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