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Monday  25 March to Friday 29 March 2019 - Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge

Invariants counting holomorphic curves play a key role throughout symplectic topology.  Such invariants are governed and constrained by their rich algebraic structures.  The Fukaya category of a symplectic manifold collects the information of classical Lagrangian Floer cohomology; it relates to algebraic geometry via derived categories of sheaves, to representation theory via categories of constructible sheaves, and to low-dimensional topology via Atiyah-Floer type conjectures and relations to gauge theory. It has also become an important tool in symplectic topology in its own right. This conference will take stock of some recent developments in symplectic topology, with a focus on applications, computations and connections of (Fukaya-)categorical technology and related areas.
The conference is funded by the E.P.S.R.C. through Fellowship EP/N01815X/1. 

Speakers to include:

  • Mohammed Abouzaid

  • Denis Auroux

  • Netanel Blaier

  • Roger Casals

  • Tobias Ekholm

  • Kenji Fukaya

  • Kristen Hendricks

  • YankI Lekili

  • Cheuk-Yu Mak

  • Emmy Murphy

  • David Nadler

  • John Pardon

  • Jake Rasmussen

  • Paul Seidel

  • Jack Smith

  • Laura Starkston

  • Saraswathi Venkatesh

  • Chris Woodward




Please could all participants, including speakers register here.   This link will take you to the University's Online Store where you will need to open an account (this will only take a minute or two).  The registration fee for non-speakers is  £40.00,  which will include lunches, tea and coffees. Registration will close on Monday 18th March.


We will contact speakers directly about their accommodation needs. We have also reserved a number of single rooms for the duration of the workshop, from March 24th to March 30th. These rooms are priced at 75 GBP per night for non-speakers, but some subsidy will be available for PhD students and postdocs (the level of subsidy will depend on need and demand).  If you wish to be considered for our accommodation, please send an e-mail to indicating (i) which nights you intend to be in residence for the meeting, (ii) what other sources of funding you have [full, partial, none] to contribute towards accommodation costs, and (iii) (for PhD students and postdocs) the name of an advisor/mentor whom we can contact regarding how your research fits with the workshop aims. 

To be considered for our accommodation, you must register by Jan 15th 2019, and we will aim to get back to you by the end of January.  If you wish to arrange your own accommodation, one possible resource is


Programme (pdf) with titles and abstracts can be downloaded  here.



Conference participants

Talk slides

Tobias Ekholm, Augmentations, annuli, and Alexander polynomials


Please contact the organisers: Ivan Smith, Ailsa Keating and Julia Blackwell.