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This page's content refers to the old editing system (prior to October 2015) so may no longer be correct.



The browser-based editing system has been changed so that comments may be safely included in html files as they were in the previous system when editing the source that is the actual html code. Under the editing system select Edit this page and then Source (top left corner of editing system).

Two Important Points

  • Comments must be in the body of the file, not at the very top of the file although they may be at the bottom of the file. In other words their must be some webpage visible content before your comment.

    This means no comments can go before the first <h1> statement in the source code. (If for any reason your file's source code doesn't have a <H1> heading then please create one as this is needed for the page's title.

    Comments above the first header get stripped by the system because the system works on the body of html documents, and inserts its own top and bottom.

    If you need a page ownership statement in addition to the table of page ownerships please make your note under the first header line. (All files should start with a first Heading 1 header. )

  • Comments do not show up under the default Edit this page because what you are seeing there is what the person viewing the page will see (before the university styling gets applied) and hence the comments are not visible. If you try to add a comment here, the system will think you want to show a comment as part of the page and your comment will be visible to all. Thus go into the source if you wish to add comments.
    This is similar to how other html markup is manged in the browser based editor. For example headers are created by selecting the format you want and not by actually typing in the header commands unless you are in source mode.