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Faculty of Mathematics


Applied and computational analysis (ACA) is concerned with mathematical tools of broad applicability, e.g. ordinary and partial differential equations, nonlinear dynamical systems, integrable systems, numerical analysis, approximation theory, inverse problems and image analysis. While the approach is mathematical, the ultimate destination of these tools is to applications. This tension between the pure and the applied is at the core of different ACA themes.

Title Examinable Term Number of Lectures
Numerical Solution of Differential Equations Part III Examinable Lent 24
Inverse problems in imaging Part III Examinable Michaelmas 24
Distribution Theory and Applications Part III Examinable Lent 16
Topics in Mathematics of Information Part III Examinable Lent 24
Boundary value problems for linear PDEs Part III Examinable Lent 16
Compressed Sensing and Sampling Theory Graduate Non-Examinable Lent 16
Topics in Convex Optimisation Part III Examinable Lent 16