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Faculty of Mathematics


The courses in statistics form a coherent Masters-level course in statistics, covering theoretical statistics, applied statistics and applications. You may take all of them, or a subset of them. Core courses are Modern Statistical Methods and Applied Statistics in the Michaelmas Term.

Please read this Introduction and pre-requisites for the statistics courses as well as the detailed course descriptions below.

Title Examinable Term Number of Lectures
Modern Statistical Methods Part III Examinable Michaelmas 24
Topics in Statistical Theory Part III Examinable Michaelmas 16
Applied Statistics Part III Examinable Michaelmas + Lent 16 + 8
Biostatistics Part III Examinable Michaelmas + Lent 10 + 14
Bayesian Modelling and Computation Part III Examinable Lent 24
Gaussian Processes Part III Examinable Lent 16
Nonparametric Inference Under Shape Constraints Graduate: Non-Examinable Michaelmas 8