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Visitor Computing

For Visitors

Access for laptops and other mobile devices

Access to the maths research computer system

  • You can ask your host or their secretary to set you up with a login to our research network. Advanced warning is good to have but not strictly required. Most of the computers run Linux although you will also have access to our Windows service.

For Hosts

  • Please try to give your secretary (in DAMTP) or Julia Blackwell (in DPMMS, hodsec@dpmms) two weeks notice of your visitor's arrival.

For Conference Organisers

  • Consider whether your delegates can work on their laptops or whether they need to use the MCS computers in room GL.04. Remember to book the room.
  • Please explain your computing needs to CMS Reception, preferably when booking your conference.
  • If the delegates need to be using the MCS computers, check that any software they will need is installed.