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Printing from within the Part III room.

General info

Printing facilities are in a state of flux at the moment (November 2022). "Responsible" black and white printing is free. Colour printing is not.  Please refer to information displayed near the printers in the Part III room.

Printer credit

Part3 and CompBio MPhil students are given an amount of free print credit at the start of each academic year that can ONLY be used to print to the printer in the Part3 room in the basement of Pav B. The amount given to each part is different and is calculated each year using logs from the previous year as well as the expected printout requirements for each course. The amount given is set at a generous level and should not require topping up during the year. If for any reason students should run out of credit, students need to print out and complete a form, applications are then reviewed and if successful, credit added.