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Managed Cluster Service (was PWF)

The Department has some generally accessible computers which are run by the University Computing Service called the

Managed Cluster Service or Desktop Services (was PWF).

The MCS is for the use of all staff and students of the Department, and provides networked PCs running a wide range of software, together with printers. The PCs in our MCS rooms can run the Ubuntu Linux operating system as an alternative to the standard Windows 7. It is also possible to login remotely from any Internet-connected computer to the MCS Linux service.

The MCS consists of two rooms:

  • GL.04 (25 PCs and 2 laser printers)
  • Pav B Part3 Room - Basement (PCs and 2 laser printers)

Some University Computing Courses are run in GL.04 and they have priority over other users. If a course is in progress, please do not use GL.04.

Rules for users of the MCS