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Apollo (Cambridge University Data Repository)

Deposit of PhD Theses (electronic form) in the Apollo Archive

The Department (DAMTP) supports the use of Apollo for archiving of PhD theses, and it is now DAMTP policy to deposit PhD theses (copy of final version) in Apollo.

When all corrections have been completed a final bound copy of the PhD thesis is submitted for the University Library. Previously a bound paper copy has also been submitted for the Department (DAMTP), however this is no longer necessary and an electronic copy (PDF) is preferred.

There are two ways to make the deposit.

1. Do it Yourself

How to deposit an electronic copy of a thesis in DSPACE.

2. Ask us to make the Deposit for You

If you are unable to deposit the thesis yourself then please:

  1. note that we do not accept any preliminary copies of your thesis. Please submit the electronic copy of the print version submitted to the Board for archiving with the University Library. This should happen after examination has taken place and revisions should be included
  2. send an electronic copy of your thesis in a suitable electronic format (e.g. PDF) to thesis-deposit@damtp
  3. download and sign a hard-copy of the DISSERTATION AUTHOR AGREEMENT FOR DISSERTATION DEPOSIT IN DSpace@Cambridge BY A NOMINATED DEPOSITOR, keeping one signed copy for your reference and sending the other to Hannah Fox (Department Secretary, DAMTP)
  4. provide some descriptive information relating to the electronic version of your thesis such as formats, special fonts, relevant keywords, other media (e.g. video)