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Forgotten password

Please remember that we need proof of your identity in order to reset your passwords. This is why we request that you visit us in person with photo ID for a password reset if possible. If you cannot get to the CMS we can use voice recognition (you phone a person in the department who would recognise your voice and that person verifies your identity to us).

Maths Linux/Windows password

  • Check your username is correct - on Windows computers you may need to click Switch User.
  • Your Maths Linux and Windows passwords may not be identical.
  • If you can log into Linux but not Windows, type windows_password to have your Windows password set to match your Linux password.
  • If you can log into Windows but not Linux, try the original password you were given if possible. Then change it with the passwd command - your Windows password will also be changed to match.

The quickest way to have your password reset is to visit one of the Computer Officers with some photo ID such as your University card. Alternatively send an email to help@maths requesting a new password be issued via letter (usually internal mail).

UIS passwords (Hermes/Raven/MCS)

How to reset your own passwords

  • Visit the UIS password management page and follow the instructions there.
  • If you know your Raven password, login with Raven and click Change Password. This will replace your existing Raven, Hermes and MCS passwords with a single UIS password for all three services.
  • If you have configured self-service password recovery, you can reset your own password by clicking the "Forgotten your password" link and answering the security questions.
  • Otherwise you will need to request a password reset token before visiting the UIS password management page.

How to obtain a password reset token

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