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WinSynCMS - step by step guide

These instructions will take you through making and restoring from your first backup using WinSynCMS. Before you begin, install WinSynCMS, and check that you can log into your Maths Unix account.

Of course, backups are useless unless you know how to restore from them.

SSH Key Setup

Launch WinSynCMS and select the SSH Key Setup tab. Enter your Maths username and Linux password and click "Make SSH key pair". This enables the backup program to connect from your laptop to the backup server "tardis" without needing you to enter your password again.

SSH Key Setup tab


Select Files To Back Up

Now go to Backup Selection and Scheduling and use Add to choose the folders to back up. In the example I have chosen My Documents. Enter your local password for the laptop. Check it works by clicking "Manual backup of folder(s) now" (you will have to wait, especially if you have a large amount of data to back up).

If you wish, you may choose a schedule for regular backups. The default is to run a backup at 4:30pm each day (remember that backups will only run when the computer is switched on and connected to the Internet). Click on "Setup schedule" to make it live.

Backup Selection and<br />
Scheduling tab


Retrieve Your Files From Backup

If you need to retrieve your files from backup, go to the "Logs and Initial Setup" tab and click "Launch WinSCP".

Logs and Initial Setup tab

This will show you the backups of your files on the server "tardis", sorted by date. Usually the backup called "latest" is a good choice, unless a day has elapsed between accidentally deleting a file and realising what you've done. Browse through the directory tree, select the files you want, right-click on any of them and select Copy then choose a directory to copy them to.

Retrieving files from<br />