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Dropbox on Ubuntu

The Dropbox Linux package we use is a binary which is the same for all versions of Linux, so if it already works for you it should continue to work after an upgrade. However the default setup of keeping your Dropbox folder in your home directory does not work, so brief instructions on how to configure Dropbox are included here.

More detailed Dropbox documentation

Resetting / disabling Dropbox

To terminate Dropbox and prevent it from starting up every time you log in, use the local command reset-dropbox. This will also delete the computer's record of where your Dropbox folder is stored, so that next time you run Dropbox you will be asked again where you want to keep it.

If you are experiencing difficulty running Dropbox from your preferred location, delete the following hidden directories after quitting Dropbox.

  • .dropbox
  • .dropbox-dist

Configuring Dropbox

  • Note: Dropbox is frequently updated. If you notice that these instructions are out of date please inform help@maths.
  • Dropbox no longer support keeping your Dropbox folder on a networked directory (e.g. our home directories or store spaces). They have also removed support for most Linux file systems but we have a workaround for that.
  • If Dropbox is popping up messages asking you to move your Dropbox folder to a supported location, it is probably on networked storage. Run reset-dropbox then start Dropbox again and accept the default option of keeping your folder in /local/scratch/public/CRSID-dropbox.
  • If you have more than 40GB of Dropbox data there may not be room for it on our Linux desktops, depending on the size of the hard drive.
  • It is fine to create a link to your real Dropbox in your home directory to make it easier to access:
    ln -s /local/scratch/public/CRSID-dropbox/Dropbox Dropbox