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List of scanners: their location, type and attached machine

Location Name & description (click for usage instructions)
Reception Taskalfa 8000i Kyocera photocopier (ask Reception for login code and instructions)
BL.05 HP Scanjet N8460 attached to barlby.damtp
Bench outside B1.23 b1cmf, HP Color Laserjet CM4540 MFP
Pav B second floor common room b2colmf, Brother DCP-9270CDN printer
Bench outside C1.01 c1admin, Laserjet M477 multifunction printer
C1.17 ASL networked photocopiers
Bench outside D1.09 HP Scanjet 5590P attached to darley.statslab
D1.16 ps_infotec, Infotec MP C6000SP photocopier
E1.14 phaistos, ASL photocopier
Bench outside E1.20 e1mfp, Kyocera TASKalfa 266ci MFP
Bench outside F1.04 f1cmf, HP Color Laserjet CM4540 MFP
Bench outside F1.09 Epson Perfection 1650 attached to emery.damtp
Bench outside F1.20 Epson Perfection 1660 Photo attached to zoo.damtp
Pav G ground floor g0cmf, HP Colour Laserjet CM4540 MFP
Bench outside G1.09 Epson perfection 1660 Photo attached to disquiet.damtp
Bench outside G1.17 HP Scanjet 7650 attached to gargrave.damtp
Pav H ground floor h0cmf, HP Colour Laserjet CM4540 MFP
Bench outside H1.10 Epson Perfection 1660 Photo attached to timon.damtp

Basic usage instructions

Large networked photocopiers

On these machines you scan documents to email (any email address is OK, it doesn't have to be a Cambridge one). They will be sent in PDF format and there is no way to scan part of a page.

  1. Set your document on the glass or in the feeder and press the Scan button (the bottom button on the left of the photocopier's display).
  2. If the scan mode is incorrect then touch "Scan Settings" to change it. Touch "OK" when done.
  3. Find your email address in the address book or touch "Manual Entry" to type it in.
  4. Press the large green Start button.

Scanners attached to Windows machines

  1. Log into the PC and ensure that the scanner is switched on and connected.
  2. Place your document either face down inside the scanner "flatbed" or face up on the document feeder. Pay attention to the diagrams telling you which way round it goes. Use the flatbed if you only need to scan part of a page.
  3. Open Devices and Printers from the Start menu, right-click on the scanner and select Start Scan.
  4. Adjust the settings as needed e.g. make sure that the correct one of Black and White, Grayscale or Colour is selected. For black and white drawings or text it is often more efficient to use the .png graphics format, and you may also want to increase the resolution to 300 dpi.
  5. If using the flatbed, click Preview, then shrink the dotted rectangle by grabbing its corners in order to select just the area you want.
  6. Click Scan. The file will be saved in a subdirectory of your "My Pictures" folder. In Linux terms this is e.g. ~/private/My_Pictures/2013-09-19/001.jpg.

Laserjet CM4540 Multi Function Printers

  1. Choose "Scan to USB" or "Scan to Email" on the touchscreen menu.
  2. Place document in feeder as shown.
  3. To enter a filename or email address, tap in the blank box and a keyboard will appear on the screen.
  4. Use the green Start button to submit your job.

Brother DCP-9270CDN Printers

  1. Press Scan button.
  2. Insert USB stick and select "Scan to USB".
  3. Choose options and press green Start button.

"Scan to email" does not work on this machine.

Laserjet M477 Multi Function Printers

Place your document either face down inside the scanner "flatbed" or face up on the document feeder. Pay attention to the diagrams telling you which way round it goes.

To scan to USB:

  1. Insert a USB stick in the slot below the touchscreen and a menu will pop up.
  2. Select Scan to USB from this menu (you can also access it from the main Scan menu on the touchscreen).
  3. Adjust the settings to ensure that the resolution and scan source are correct.
  4. Select Scan.

To scan to email:

  1. Select Scan then Scan to E-mail from the touchscreen menu.
  2. Select Send an E-mail.
  3. Click (tap) in the To: field and either select an email destination from the list which appears or enter a new one.
  4. Select Settings and check the resolution and scan source, including whether two-sided scanning is enabled.
  5. Select Scan.