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Passwords and accounts

You are given an account identified by a personal user identifier (or logon name) to authorise your use of Maths computer systems. This identifier is for use ONLY by you, and you are required to set a secret password to prevent other persons from using it. Please observe the following guidelines for choosing a password and keeping it secret. It is vitally important that computer hackers are denied access to your computer facilities. A hacker discovering your password could:

  • delete your files or, perhaps worse, make subtle changes to your programs or data files, potentially affecting publications or papersĀ 
  • impersonate you by sending electronic mail
  • use your account to launch attacks on others.

Actions of a hacker using your account will be indistinguishable from your own actions: you may be held accountable for the actions of others using your account.

Treat your password in a similar manner to your PIN number for your bank account - do not tell it to anyone, even your closest family.

Choose a strong password: either one based on having lots of random characters (mixing digits, upper- and lower-case letters as well as special characters) or one based on multiple (unrelated) dictionary words - about six is recommended.