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To save energy, Maths computers power themselves down when idle and unused. You can shut down or restart a Maths Linux PC in the same way that you would shut down a personal Linux laptop - via the power icon or by typing shutdown or reboot - unless other people are running processes on your machine. (If there's a particular reason why you need to shutdown a machine, perhaps to move it, and it won't shut down cleanly, do get in touch with help@maths to ask for advice.)

Monitors are best left switched on. They will automatically go into a power-saving mode when left idle, using less than 1 Watt, and when a PC is rebooted with its monitor switched on it can determine the maximum resolution.

To save paper and printing costs, please print responsibly.

  • Not printing at all is much cheaper than printing: can you read it on-screen?
  • Even for black-and-white pages, printing on a colour printer is more expensive generally than printing on a black-and-white printer.
  • Photocopying is cheaper than printing, so please use a photocopier for multiple copies.
  • Trouble-shoot your printing problem rather than sending lots more jobs and hoping one gets through.

If and when waste does result, the CMS has bins for most recyclable materials. In particular, old toner cartridges should go in the black octagonal bins and office paper should go in the blue paper recycling bins.