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Faculty of Mathematics


The Part III Mathematics Examination in Cambridge will now result in a degree title (replacing the Certificate of Advanced Study). Cambridge students, who take Part III in their fourth year, will not receive a BA at the end of their third year but will receive a combined BA with MMath on sucessful conclusion of Part III. Students from outside Cambridge, who do Part III as a nine month course, will receive a Master of Advanced Study. The degree hoods will be a rather fetching slate blue (for the MMath) and gold (for the MASt). Apart from this, Part III will remain unchanged.

The mathematics website will be updated to reflect this change (mainly by removing references to the 'Certificate of Advanced Studies' or CASM) but it will be difficult to make sure that all the required changes have been made.

Those who passed Part III after 1962 (and who did not do it as the final year of an `accelerated' three year undergraduate degree) may be interested to know that, in due course, they will be entitled (but not obliged) to apply for the appropriate degree. Please wait until you are contacted by your college with the details.